Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marie Wilson's steamy new novel now available as a Harper Collins e-book.

The Gorgeous Girls

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Book Description

   Erotica for the thinking woman, this well-written and sexy novel
    is driven by three gorgeous women on the prowl. Rose, Con, and 
    Wanda, all disciples of the legendary Dorothy Parker, meet
    regularly for drinks to dish on their romantic and sexual exploits. 
    From Toronto to Vancouver to Paris, these three strong, beautiful 
    women are out to explore as many sexual possibilities as they can 
    while also finding l’amour. Featuring shoes, martinis, clothes, 
    champagne, and of course sex, The Gorgeous Girls is a smart, 
    playful and delicious sexual extravaganza that delivers non-stop 
    thrills and a great deal of fun.

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  1. After only 3 days, the book is #4 Top Book and Marie is #2 Top Author on HarperCollins Canada: